3 questions to Elim Chan

Which role does Sheherazade play for you in your repertoire? What does this piece mean to you?

Scheherazade has a special place in my heart because it was one of the pieces in the final round when I won the Donatella Flick-LSO Conducting Competition in 2014. I come back to this masterpiece often as I experience the music differently every time. The story also inspires me to have the courage to share and tell my story with the world.

What did you learn about yourself through music? 

Be humble, constantly listen, stay open, and let go—it is a lifelong lesson to master all these through making music and working with others.

What happens with you in the moment of music making? How do you change through music? 

When I am making music I feel this wonderful sense of freedom and urgency to share my experience of each moment with everyone, and this process makes me feel less of my own existence as music takes over my consciousness. Music understands, expresses, and exposes everything in the heart, things that words fail to describe.

Experience Elim Chan first time conducting the Guerzenich Orchestra on November 10/11/12, 2019

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