Listen to Beethoven

Symphony No. 1

François-Xavier Roth invites you to discover with him the music of Ludwig van Beethoven. W Equipped with laptop, grand piano and flute he makes his way into the musical universe of this fascinating composer. For the english version of the video please visit our YouTube channel here.

Symphony No. 2

In this episode François-Xavier Roth talks about Beethoven’s 2nd Symphony, especially about the third movement ‘Scherzo’. A movement like “a dialogue between a crocodile and a fly”...
For the english version of the video please visit our YouTube-channel here.

Symphony No. 3

François-Xavier Roth talks about the second movement of Beethovens Symphony No. 3 »Eroica«. The »Marcia funebre» is painted in dark colors but there is light at the end of the tunnel... 

Symphony No. 4

A dancing Maestro and body-clapping in Corona times. Discover the final of Beethoven's Symphony No. 4 with François-Xavier Roth!

Symphony No. 5

What does Beethoven have in common with Quincy Jones? And what does the famous opening motif of his Symphony No. 5 sound like if you compose it in a different harmony? All shall be revealed by François-Xavier Roth in this instalment.

Symphony No. 6

In his Symphony No. 6, Beethoven dedicates himself to the relationship between mankind and nature. François-Xavier Roth shows us Beethoven taking a walk and letting a brook murmur gently. If only it weren’t for that cuckoo…

Symphony No. 7

Sometimes it helps listen to The Beatles or Freddie Mercury to understand Beethoven.

Symphony No. 8

Beethoven has a new toy: the metronome. In the second movement of his Symphony No. 8, we clearly hear its pulse beating. The importance of the pulse for music is also audible in Steve Reich’s or John Adams’ music, where an entire orchestra beats like one heart. But did James Brown really steal from Beethoven???

Symphony No. 9

An Ode to Joy, and FXR. The final instalment of François-Xavier Roth’s Beethoven journey. And an impressive guest list to boot: Schoenberg, Mozart and the so-called King of Pop.

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