What you've always wanted to ask

Is there anything about our concerts that you always wanted to know? In conversations with our concert-goers, we are often asked questions whose answers are also interesting for a wider circle. For example: When am I allowed to clap? Why do some conductors use a baton and others don't? This question also comes up frequently:

Do I have to read the programme?

It depends on what gives you the most pleasure. It's a bit like visiting an art exhibition: some people love the unbiased encounter with a work of art that is new to them. Others want to know as much as possible about it beforehand, read the catalogue and take part in a guided tour. The programme booklet first gives you an idea of what to expect at the concert: What will be played? How long do the pieces last? Is there an interval? Who is making music? Biographies familiarise you with the artists' lives and their successes. Detailed texts on the works explain the circumstances of their creation, the historical background of the composers and sometimes musical structures. This can be very enriching, even afterwards, when one »deepens« the concert experience, so to speak, on the way home or at home. But none of this is a must in order to enjoy a concert. Music speaks to us directly, awakens images and emotions, takes us on a journey or can literally sweep us off our seats. That is the main thing.

Johannes Wunderlich

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