GO Triptychon

Portrait of an Orchestra

An orchestra working from home? Making music while distancing? What happens to an orchestra when concerts are banned? During the lockdown, the project »GO Triptych« counterbalanced the enforced standstill by creating a collage. The result is the portrait of an orchestra in multiple fragments and three parts: »Luft und Atem«, »Nähe und Distanz«, »Bewegung und Ruhe«. Mellifluous harmony gives way to open improvisation; dark sonic fields are suddenly transformed into tender melodies for seconds. What seems to blend seamlessly together here is the result of a complex working and composition process initiated by the composer Philipp Matthias Kaufmann and involving 36 members of the Gürzenich Orchestra. Capturing wildly diverging ideas and atmospheres, Matthias Kaufmann and the director of photography Johannes von Barsewisch developed a visual and audio composition – a portrait of an orchestra in lockdown.

»...als sei für uns eine Tür aufgegangen.«

Ein Gespräch mit Philipp Matthias Kaufmann, der Harfenistin Antonia Schreiber und dem Bratscher Vincent Royer über »GO Triptychon« ► zum Interview

Luft und Atem

Nähe und Distanz

Bewegung und Ruhe


GO-Triptychon is a project by composer Philipp Matthias Kaufmann. The project was realised in June/July 2020 during the Corona pandemic. The compositions were developed as part of a creative collaboration with the musicians of the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne. 

Luft und Atem

Using a theme by J.S. Bach and the piece »La Nébuleuse du Croissant« by Tom Owen and Vincent Royer.

Tom Owen Oboe
Vincent Royer Viola

Aaron Aussenhofer-Stilz  Trombone
Antonia Schreiber  Harp
Jörg Steinbrecher  Bassoon
Diana Rohnfelder  Contrabassoon
Jason Witjas-Evans  Double Bass

Dylan Naylor  Violin
Judith Ruthenberg Violin
Joanna Becker  Violin
Joachim Griesheimer Violoncello


Nähe und Distanz

Using a theme by Robert Schumann.

Elisabeth Polyzoides Violin

Demetrius Polyzoides Violin
Maria Scheid Viola
Katharina Apel-Hülshoff Violoncello

Egon Hellrung Horn
Matthias Kiefer Trumpet
Bruno Toebrock Viola
Ulrike Schäfer Violoncello

Gerhard Dierig Viola
Annegret Klingel Viola
Anthony de Battista Viola
Eva-Maria Wilms Viola

Saskia Kwast Harp

Bewegung und Ruhe

Antonia Heyne Flute
Bálint Gyimesi Clarinet
Hye-Bin Kim Violin
Emil Riedel Violoncello

Daniel Dangendorf Violine
Rudi Winkler Viola
Ulrike Schäfer Violoncello

Jana Andraschke Violin
Antje Kaufmann Viola
Andreas Jacobs Horn
Carsten Luz Trombone
Alexander Schubert Percussion

Concept and Production

Philipp Matthias Kaufmann Concept, Composition & Sound Editor
Harry Ogg Project Manager
Stephan Cahen Sound
Christian Mario Löhr Director of Photography
Yannick Obry Assistant Camera
Tobias Berbuer Production Supervisor
Johannes von Barsewisch  Director and Producer

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