Angebote für Kindergärten

Schon in der frühen Kindheit spielt Musik eine wichtige Rolle und wirkt als verbindendes und kulturstiftendes Medium. Das für Kindergärten konzipierte Programm lädt Kinder ein, ästhetische Erfahrungen zu sammeln, selbst aktiv zu werden und Musik live zu erleben. Dazu besuchen Kammerensembles des Orchesters Kindergärten der Stadt und spielen Konzerte, bei denen mitgemacht werden darf, Instrumente vorgestellt werden und natürlich klassische Musik erklingt. Bei einem Zwergenproben-Besuch in der Kölner Philharmonie haben Vorschulgruppen die Möglichkeit, einer Probe des Orchesters zu lauschen und den großen Saal der Philharmonie ganz für sich allein zu haben.

Das Orchester war sehr schön und laut und es war ultra toll für mich!

Linus, 5 Jahre

Concerts Out and About

Five ensembles of the Gürzenich Orchestra visit kindergartens in Cologne, playing amusing and fascinating concerts which involve the young listeners, present individual instruments, and of course feature classical music. The concerts are designed for children aged 3 to 6, last approximately 40 minutes and will take place on the dates given in the morning at 9:15 am or at 11 am. All kindergartens in Cologne with a gym or a similarly suitable space can apply.


Attendance is free. If you are interested, please register by 01.10.22 using the online form. Due to high demand, a lottery will decide which groups may attend. For the concert programme "The Ugly Duckling", the registration deadline is 15.06.2022.

  • The Ugly Duckling

      When the last little duckling finally hatches, the other ducklings are already busy exploring their surroundings – what a pretty yellow their feathers are! The duckling looks down at himself and realizes he looks quite different, all grey. The duckling decides to run away and goes on a big journey. There he meets other animals, gets homesick, makes friends and finally returns home after all. The well-known fairy-tale about being different and expelled is retold here with classical music and songs to join in.


      Tue 20.09.22
      Thu 22.09.22
      Tue 27.09.22
      Fri 30.09.22
      Tue 04.10.22


      Amelie Gehweiler Violin
      Jana Andraschke Violin
      Mareike Marx The ugly duckling

  • The Nutcracker

      Christmas is just around the corner and with it a mysterious and magical time that makes children dream. So does Marie, who fights the Mouse King and travels to a Christmas Wonderland together with the Nutcracker. The trombone quartet of the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne brings the world of lemonade rivers and gingerbread houses into the kindergarten and celebrates Christmas with the music of Peter Tchaikovsky.


      Mon 21.11.22
      Wed 30.11.22
      Mon 05.12.22
      Mon 12.12.22


      Pedro Olite Hernando trombone
      Aaron Außenhofer-Stilz trombone
      Carsten Luz trombone
      Jan Böhme trombone
      Guido Sterzl Actor

  • Only Three More Sleepless Nights

      The little girl hedgehog Freddy would rather celebrate Christmas with the humans than hibernating. So her mother Elli and father Fritz host a Christmas celebration of their own, together with the other animals. Now of all times, the house of their hedgehog friend Paul is destroyed by a falling branch. What to do? Might Carola the blackbird have the saving idea? The ensemble tells a musical Christmas story about community and hospitality, with music and texts by Alexandra Naumann.


      Mon 05.12.22
      Tue 06.12.22
      Wed 07.12.22
      Wed 14.12.22


      Joanna Becker Violin | Hedgehoge Mom Elli  
      Martina Horejsi-Kiefer Viola | Carola, the blackbird
      Johannes Eßer Bass | Hedgehoge Dad Fritz
      Matthias Kiefer trumpet, accordeon | Paul Hedgehoge
      Alexandra Naumann voice | Freddy Hedgehoge

      Felix Janosa/Matthias Kiefer arrangement 

  • Gürzi and the String Quartet

      Gürzi, the orchestra's dog, usually listens to concerts from backstage, lying comfortably in his basket. But now he’s decided he doesn’t just want to listen, he wants to make music himself and join in. But how? He doesn’t even have an instrument. The string quartet introduces its instruments and their multi-faceted sound. With the help of an instrument-maker, Gürzi and the children even play a concert together at the end of the session.


      Thu 11.05.23
      Fri 12.05.23
      Mon 15.05.23
      Wed 31.05.23


      Nathalie Streichardt Violin
      Will Grigg  Violin
      Eva-Maria Wilms Viola 
      Daniela Bock Violoncello 
      Daniel Calladine Gürzi 
      Juliane Kein instruments craftwoman

  • The Magical Harp

      Antonia and Mareike are moving! Everything is packed in boxes, so it's easy to lose track of everything. But what is this? A big, golden something that wasn't there just now, was it? As they hear delicate sounds and fine melodies, the two sisters soon find themselves in another magical world. With the help of the fascinating sound of the harp, the ensemble takes the children to outer space, to the high seas and to a fairytale castle, and invites all children to join in.


      Thu 01.06.23
      Fri 02.06.23
      Wed 05.06.23
      Mon 12.06.23


      Mareike Marx actress
      Yannick Noval singer 
      Antonia Schreiber harp

Preschool Rehearsal

There is plenty to discover in an orchestra: how many musicians are seated on stage? Which instruments can you hear? And what does a concert hall actually look like from the inside? Preschool children can find answers to all these and more during our preschool rehearsal entitled »Zwergenprobe«. Before they observe the orchestra rehearse for about half an hour, the children will be given an age-appropriate introduction by orchestra musicians presenting their own instruments.


Fri 14.10.22
Fri 04.11.22
Fri 10.02.23
Fri 03.03.23
Fri 24.03.23

9:10 - 11:00 a.m.
Cologne Philharmonic Hall



The offer is for kindergarten groups of preschool children.

Attendance is free.
Please register here by October 1st, 2022.
Due to high demand, a lottery will decide which groups may attend.

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