Experience music with François-Xavier Roth


Anyone can experience and understand music – that is François-Xavier Roth’s philosophy with regard to his audience. Anyone who has attended a PhilharmonieLunch or even a symphony concert where he explains a piece of music with vivid images, singling out individual elements and having the orchestra play them, as if he were looking over the composer’s shoulder, will confirm that it is an ear-opening experience. And now you can have this experience at home. During the past six months, while public concerts were impossible, François-Xavier Roth chose six special works to examine under a magnifying glass together with the orchestra, filming each session. The first production, entitled »Experiencing Bartók«, is dedicated to Béla Bartók’s »Divertimento for String Orchestra«. Further productions, still being edited, focus on the Adagietto from Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 and the »Gran Partita« for winds by W. A. Mozart.

Béla Bartóks's »Divertimento for string orchestra«

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