Chamber concert

György Kurtág's 95th birthday

Feb. 19, 2021
8 p.m.
Trinitatis church, Cologne

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György Kurtág

»Scenes from a Novel« op.19, 15 Songs for sopranco, cymbal, violin and double bass on poems by Rimma Dalos (1979–1982)

György Kurtág

»Signs, Games and Messages« (selection, 1961–2020)

György Kurtág

»Botschaften des verstorbenen Fräuleins R. V. Trussowa« 21 poems by Rimma Dalos for soprano und chamber ensemble

To express an entire novel in a single sigh – that is not just the talent of the author Rimma Dalos, it is also György Kurtág’s special gift. He is among the most important composers of our times and keeps refining his music steadily, oblivious to all fashions and trends. In its most unadulterated form, his highly personal idiom can be found in his chamber music and major song cycles, which are performed in his honour on the day he turns 95.

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