Singing with class!

The Little Ghost

June 20, 2021
11 a.m.

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To see the world by daylight, just once – that is the dearest wish of the Little Ghost. It has tried everything it can think of to stay awake after the witching hour is over – unsuccessfully. But then, the seemingly impossible happens: when the Little Ghost awakes, it is midday! During daytime, everything is reversed, and the Little Ghost has lots of adventures. The children’s book classic by Otfried Preußler is the basis for this year’s singalong project »Singing with class«. Over the course of two months, 300 elementary school children rehearse the work composed especially for them under the guidance of vocal coaches, and the work is performed twice in concert with the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne.

In coperation with KölnMusik

Free entrance on June 17, 2021
5  € per Ticket on June 20, 2021

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