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Current informations for concertgoers

Zur Eindämmung der Corona-Pandemie gibt es einige Änderungen in unseren gewohnten Abläufen. Bitte machen Sie sich vor einem Konzertbesuch damit vertraut. ➔ zur Seite Konzertbesuch

School concert

Unfortunately, due to the current developments in the corona pandemic, we cannot offer school concerts. We will inform you at this point as soon as this is possible again.

Offers complementing the School Concerts

Unfortunately, due to the current developments in the corona pandemic, we cannot offer school concerts. For this reason, the accompanying offers are also omitted. We will inform you at this point as soon as this is possible again.

Musicians in the Classroom

Personal contact and proximity to their young audience is very important to the musicians of the Gürzenich Orchestra. In preparation of every school concert, they visit classrooms, introducing their instruments and preparing the students for the music of the concert. The students can ask any questions they may have about the concert and the daily lives of musicians, and some instruments can even be tried out.

Dates and Registration

Mo 10.05.21
Tue 11.05.21

classes 5 -7

The offer is free, provided the purchase of tickets for the school concerts.

Please register here by November 15, 2020. 

Due to high demand, a lottery will decide which groups may attend.

Meet & Greet

An orchestra concert is an impressive experience. But what if you still have a burning question or want to experience an instrument up close and personal? School classes attending a school concert can meet the orchestra musicians right after the concert, asking all the questions they can think of and commenting on anything they have noticed during the concert.

Dates and Registration

Thu May 5, 2021
10:30 am (after the concert)

Foyer Philharmonie Cologne

classes 5 - 7

Please register here by November 15, 2020.
Due to high demand, a lottery will decide which groups may attend.

Workshops for Teachers

Six weeks before the school concerts, preparatory materials (in German) for the concert are available here for downloading. In addition, the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne offers teachers a brief workshop introducing and explaining the materials in practical terms. The content of the lessons can be tried out, and there is an opportunity to adapt the materials to the needs of your own class.

Dates and Registration

Fri January 15, 2021
4 - 6 pm

Cologne Philharmonie

teachers for classes 5 - 7

Attendance is free.
Please register here

Close Up

Before the audience fills the auditorium for the concert, school classes have a unique opportunity to be all alone with the Gürzenich Orchestra in the grand auditorium of Cologne’s Philharmonie, feeling the power of music. From up close, they experience half an hour of the orchestra’s rehearsal. Before, the students are given an interactive introduction, a glimpse of backstage life, and meet the orchestra musicians.

Termine und Anmeldung

Mi 17.03.21
Mi 05.05.21

Mi 26.05.21
Mi 23.06.21

8.45-11 Uhr 

Die Teilnahme an diesem Angebot ist kostenlos. 
Derzeit sind keine Anmeldungen möglich. 

443 Hertz

Designing your own concert programme, standing on stage yourself and making music or moderating? As part of the series »443 Hertz«, students can do all that – in direct collaboration with the professionals of the Gürzenich Orchestra. The centrepiece of this project is the practical exploration of music. Accompanied by an educator, chamber ensembles of the Gürzenich Orchestra work with one class in weekly workshops to prepare a concert for the entire school. Including various art forms, the students get to know selected works, developing their very personal approach to music. This leads to an individual concert programme which is performed together with the musicians. When registering for this offer, there is a choice between the programming focus »A Stroll Through Sound« and »Music and Emotions«. Workshops and the concert take place at the school.

Termine und Anmeldung

Termine und Uhrzeit nach Absprache 

In Kölner Schulen 

Klasse 5-13 

Derzeit sind keine Anmeldungen möglich. 

A Stroll Through Sound

If you prick your ears and listen very carefully, you’ll notice that our daily lives are full of fascinating and diverse sounds. Students are invited to listen consciously during the workshops and to perceive their surroundings with open ears. The string quartet will bring along selected works in which composers also worked with sounds from nature and daily life. The students actively study the music in the workshops, developing their own sound improvisation.

Joanna Becker Violin
Stefan Kleinert Violin
Annegret Klingel Viola 
Sylvia Borg-Bujanowski Violoncello 
Juliane Hanke presenter


music and emotions

Listening to music and making music cause many different emotions and physical reactions. A wind quintet of the Gürzenich Orchestra prepares selected chamber music works on this subject. During the workshops, the students explore the emotions evoked by the music and develop their own artistic forms of expression to match. The final result is a performance given by the class together with the musicians of the quintet.

N.N. Flute
Tom Owen oboe
Tino Plener clarinet
Thomas Jedamzik fagott
Jörn Köster horn
Philipp Matthias Kaufmann presenter



What is B-Boying or a battle, and how do you really rap? In preparation for their attendance at the concert »Melting pot«, school classes can meet the Hip-Hop artists and learn tips and tricks from the professionals in diverse and interactive workshops focusing on rap, urban dance, beatbox, poetry-slam and DJ-ing. Workshops take place in schools and are planned for the duration of two project days.

Termine und Anmeldung

Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation werden die Workshops auf die nächste Spielzeit verschoben.

Termine und Uhrzeit nach Absprache

In Kölner Schulen

Klasse 7—13

Die Teilnahme an diesem Angebot ist kostenlos, Voraussetzung ist der Kartenkauf zum Konzert Melting Pot. Anmeldung per Mail an
Verlosung unter den Anmeldungen.

Symphony Concerts for Secondary School Students

The Gürzenich Orchestra offers special admission fees for upper school students for five concerts of its season. On selected Monday or Tuesday evenings, interested classes and music courses can get to know highlights of music history in symphony concerts of the Gürzenich Orchestra. Seating is allocated according to availability and located in Block Z.


5 € Schüler
Pro 10 Schüler eine kostenfreie Begleiterkarte

Bis auf Weiteres gibt es noch keinen Vorverkauf für Veranstaltungen im Jahr 2021. Bitte beachten Sie weitere Informationen.

Q & A with....

Complementing the Symphony Concerts for Upper School Students

Experiencing musicians in concert and listening to their music is impressive. But who are the artists on stage and what do they do when they are not playing concerts? Before attending their concert, upper school students have the chance to ask these and other questions. Orchestra musicians, soloists, conductors or composers visit schools and answer all the questions the students may have about a musician’s daily life and concert events.

Die Teilnahme an diesem Angebot ist kostenlos. 
Derzeit sind keine Anmeldungen möglich. 

Q&A mit … François-Xavier Roth
Zu Abo 12
Di 29.06.21

Q&A mit … Christoph Sietzen
Zu Abo 12
Di 29.06.21
Mi 30.06.21

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