Concert-Gesellschaft Köln

The Cologne Concert Society (Concert-Gesellschaft Köln) is an association of friends and supporters of the Gürzenich Orchestra. The outstanding commitment of its members enables it to make an important contribution to selected orchestral projects. In addition, the Society ensures lively exchange between the Gürzenich Orchestra and its audience. One special focus is support for extremely talented young musicians. In close exchange with the executive committee of the Gürzenich Orchestra, the Concert Society has initiated the Orchestra Academy, which considers itself an international talent pool of gifted instrumentalists. Here, recent graduates are prepared for the profession of orchestral musician, both in the concert and opera repertoire.

Enthusiasm for one of Germany’s leading orchestras and the willingness to support its recruitment of talented musicians bring us together.

Dr. Christoph Siemons, Chairman of the Board, Cologne Concert Society

Your Benefits

We invite you to attend orchestra rehearsals – dress rehearsals include receptions and meet & greet sessions with conductors, soloists and orchestra members.

You will receive a personal introduction to the new season with Gürzenich-Kapellmeister François-Xavier Roth.

Every year, you are invited to an exclusive chamber music concert in the company of other members.

You may take advantage of an earlier on-sale date for all the Gürzenich Orchestra’s own concert productions.

We will make your support visible online and in selected print media (optional).
You will receive a donation receipt for the amount of your donation for your (German) taxes.

Members of the board of trustees receive additional invitations to exclusive receptions.

We will make your support visible in all the orchestra’s relevant publications.

You have the opportunity to hold individual events, depending on your requirements, featuring musicians and fellows of the orchestra academy of the Gürzenich Orchestra.

Become a Member

You may join the charitable organization Concert-Gesellschaft Köln e.V. by submitting a written application with an annual donation of at least 100€ for an individual membership, 150€ for memberships of spouses and 750€ for corporate memberships. Curators usually pay upward of 5,000€ per year.

Membership Application as a PDF

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