Angebote für Familien

What could be better than doing something together with the whole family? With its programme, the Gürzenich Orchestra offers all family members the opportunity to experience and immerse themselves in music. This is achieved in concert formats specially designed for families, such as the Family Concert and "Singing with Class!". The family subscription and the family ticket are also tailored to the needs of families and make a visit to the Kölner Philharmonie something special for young and old alike.

Besonders gut gefallen hat mir die Melodie - und die Instrumente, weil sie zusammen so schön klingen.

Juli, 6 Jahre

Family Concert

Pettson and Findus

Christmas is coming soon - Findus the cat can hardly wait with excitement! But until then, he and old Pettersson still have a lot to do: fetch a fir tree from the forest, receive Christmas visitors and, of course, write a wish list. Findus is dreaming of something very special this year: Santa Claus is supposed to hand him his present in person. Old Pettersson eagerly sets to work and disappears into his workshop day after day. But will Santa really hand Findus a present in the end? In the staged concert, the composition by Philipp Matthias Kaufmann combines the popular story by Sven Nordqvist "Morgen Findus, wird's was geben" (Tomorrow Findus, there will be something) with music by Johannes Brahms, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Edvard Grieg.

Family Card

The family ticket turns a concert into a memorable experience for young and old. While parents enjoy the first half of the concert in the hall, children can take part in a playful concert introduction.

With the family subscription, you can visit three concerts throughout the season. You can choose between concert dates in rows A and B.


Family ticket
for one concert visit
1 adult + up to 2 children 

Family subscription
for three concert visits
1 adult + up to 2 children

Available at the ticket service of Bühnen Köln
(0221) 221 28240

Singing with class!

The litte ghost

To see the world in daylight is the little ghost's greatest wish. He has already tried everything to stay awake after the witching hour - without success. But then it happens: When the little ghost wakes up, it is noon! During the day, everything is the other way round and the little ghost experiences many surprises. This year, the classic children's book by Otfried Preußler serves as the basis for the big participatory project »Singing with class!« Over a period of two months, 300 children in the second year of school will work on the work composed especially for them under the guidance of singing instructors, which will be performed at the end in two concerts with the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne.

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