Christmas concert

The Nutcracker

Together with a friend you can do anything! That is what adventurous Marie learns when she goes on a journey with her new friend the Nutcracker. She is looking for the magical nut Krakatuk, with whose magical powers she wants to defeat the Mouse King. Maybe Krakatuk can even turn the Nutcracker into a real prince?

Orchestra dog Gürzi accompanies her and retells the well-known story of the Nutcracker in the Christmas Concert on the fourth of Advent with the music of Peter Tchaikovsky.



€ 7 Children and Teenagers up to the age of 16
€ 14 Adults
(0221) 221 28240


Giulia Haas Marie
Miguel Klein Medina Nutcracker
Maciej Bittner Gürzi/Mouse King 
Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne 
Harry Ogg Conductor
Kai Anne Schuhmacher Text and production 
Mara Lena Schönborn Stage and costume design 
Clara Siewering Lighting

Singing with class!

The litte ghost

To see the world by daylight, just once – that is the dearest wish of the Little Ghost. It has tried everything it can think of to stay awake after the witching hour is over – unsuccessfully. But then, the seemingly impossible happens: when the Little Ghost awakes, it is midday! During daytime, everything is reversed, and the Little Ghost has lots of adventures. The children’s book classic by Otfried Preußler is the basis for this year’s singalong project »Singing with class«. Over the course of two months, 300 elementary school children rehearse the work composed especially for them under the guidance of vocal coaches, and the work is performed twice in concert with the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne.

June 09, 2022  free admission (PhilharmonieLunch)

June 12, 2022  Tickets € 5


Ulrich Kreppein composition
Dorothea Hartmann libretto
N.N. narrator
N.N. little ghost
Childrens choir
Gürzenich-Orchester Köln
N.N. conductor
Samuel Dobernecker, Alexandra Naumann, Anna Rizzi, Michel Rychlinski preparation  childrens choir
Cordula Körber stage Design, Costume
N.N. director

Sound with the class


Stream - Sound with Class!

We embark on a percussive journey into space! The intrepid Ulla-Fine and her grandchildren embark on a journey through adventurous soundscapes and support the Murmiduks in their fight against the Zweigronauts. Will they manage to fend off the attackers?

Over a period of two months, 300 primary school pupils worked under the guidance of instructors on percussion elements with which they brought to life a narrative by Sarah Ritter with Mark-Anthony Turnage's music "Crying out loud". These were performed in a stream with the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne.

We cordially invite you to take the concert experience into the classroom with you. On the right you can experience the free concert streaming of our digital project Sound with Class!. 


Mark-Anthony Turnage​​​​​​ composition
Sarah Ritter story
Eva-Marianne Kraiss narrator
Marco Mlynek concept/composition lecturer
Childrens choir
Gürzenich-Orchester Köln
Christoph Altstaedt conductor
Samuel Dobernecker, Alexandra Naumann, Syavash Rastani, Michel Rychlinski preparation  childrens choir
Cordula Körber stage design & costume

In cooperation with KölnMusik

Family Card

The family ticket turns a concert into a special experience for young and old. While the parents enjoy the first half of the concert in the hall, the children experience a playful concert introduction.

With the family subscription, you can secure four concerts for the entire season. Here you can choose between concert dates in rows A or B.

All subscription dates will be announced in the coming season


Available at the ticket service of Bühnen Köln
(0221) 221 28240


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