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Daniel Raabe

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The Gürzenich Orchestra’s Orchestra Academy supports young orchestral talent and regards itself as an international talent workshop for gifted instrumentalists who subsequently or towards the end of their studies are prepared for their professional career.

Besides rehearsals, concerts, performances, recordings and tours in one of the most distinguished German symphony and opera orchestras (up to 15 services per month), the training comprises regular instrumental and chamber music teaching from members of the orchestra, workshops and coaching services to handle fears of performing and improve stage presence, as well as chamber concerts. The students are supported by mentors from the orchestra. The training lasts two years. The notice period for termination is 4 weeks.

The conditions include a monthly salary of 900 gross from the Gürzenich Orchestra, plus 75 monthly stipend and an annual lump sum for reeds and strings from the Orchestra Academy association. The academy scholars themselves bear the costs of their health insurance.


des Gürzenich-Orchester Köln e.V.

Daniel Raabe, chairman

Members 2019/20



- age limit: 27 years at the beginning of the academy
- proof of instrument insurance
- certificate of enrollment

Auditions only on invitation

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