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Top orchestras are brought to life by top musicians. The Gürzenich Orchestra’s Orchestra Academy fosters young orchestral players and considers itself an international finishing school for talented instrumentalists who prepare here for a professional career after or toward the end of their studies. Up to 15 exceptional young talents have the chance to experience the daily working life of a leading German symphony and opera orchestra – an ideal transition from studies at a music academy to the musician’s profession. After an exacting selection process, Academy members participate in the Gürzenich Orchestra’s rehearsals, concerts and opera performances alongside their mentors, at Cologne’s Philharmonie and Opera House and also on worldwide concert tours.

Several alumni of the Orchestra Academy now hold professional orchestra positions: harpist Anneleen Schuitemaker plays with the Concertgebouw-Orkest in Amsterdam, flutist Pipilota Neostus at the National opera house in Tallin, Markus Knoben joined the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, Fernando Zavala plays with the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra, Clara Zschocke joined the Tyrolean Symphony Orchestra in Innsbruck, Julius Joachim the Mannheim Philharmonic,  Ayça Akünal is a member of the Bergische Sinfoniker and Eryu Feng of the Philharmonic orchestra Duisburg.

Besides rehearsals, concerts, performances, recordings and tours in one of the most distinguished German symphony and opera orchestras (up to 15 services per month), the training comprises regular instrumental and chamber music teaching from members of the orchestra, workshops and coaching services to handle fears of performing and improve stage presence, as well as chamber concerts. The students are supported by mentors from the orchestra. The training lasts two years. The notice period for termination is four weeks.

The conditions include a monthly salary of 800 gross from the Gürzenich Orchestra, plus 200 monthly stipend and an annual lump sum for reeds and strings from the Orchestra Academy association.

Any donation to support the orchestra academy is most welcome. To receive a contribution receipt please name your full address on your transfer order.

Orchesterakademie des Gürzenich-Orchesters Köln e.V.
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des Gürzenich-Orchester Köln e.V.

Daniel Raabe, chairman

Current Members



- age limit: 27 years at the beginning of the academy
- proof of instrument insurance
- certificate of enrollment

Auditions only on invitation

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