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443 Hertz - Hidden Track

Composing their own soundtrack for once - the project "Hidden Track" offers young people the opportunity to become creative and write their own music to a photo of their choice. In weekly workshops in youth centres, they combine musical elements with everyday and ambient sounds and create a very personal work of art. They are supported by composer Philipp Matthias Kaufmann and musicians from the Gürzenich Orchestra, who record the new compositions. Together with the photos, the finished Hidden Tracks will be presented in an exhibition.


Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos, unter den Anmeldungen wird verlost.

In Kölner Jugendzentren

Bei Interesse melden Sie sich bitte bis zum 15.09.2024 über das Online-Formular an.

Melting Pot

With his work »Melting Pot«, Bernhard Gander unites two worlds: a big orchestra meets rap, DJ, poetry slam, beatboxing and breakdance. Each genre retains its own sound, but is staged in a new way and given previously unknown freedom. The topics dealt with are of concern to the city - the local solists express what moves Cologne. Melting Pot brings cultures and people together, overcoming borders and roles.

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