Concert Pals

Are you looking for someone to go to the concert with you?

Some of our most faithful concertgoers, who have been coming to us at the Philharmonie for many years, can no longer join us. There are many reasons for that – including that getting to the venue is too difficult for them, or because they no longer feel safe out alone at night. Perhaps you are in a similar situation? In that case, we would like to reach out to you through our volunteer Concert Pals. A Concert Pal will accompany you to the Philharmonie and hear the concert with you on pre-reserved seats. In this manner, you can not only hear the music together, but getting to the concert is made easier for you: you will be picked up and accompanied to the concert on foot, by public transport or by car, and your Concert Pal will also see you home again.

If you are interested in the concert pal program, please contact the project manager Sara Wiesemann by phone or e-mail by June 7, 2022. Upon request, a suitable accompanist will be found for you and an initial meeting will be organized.

Persons for whom a concert accompanist is arranged acquire a subscription to three concerts of the Gürzenich Orchestra in the Kölner Philharmonie. They can choose freely from the twelve subscription concerts on Mondays or Tuesdays. Concert sponsors receive free admission.

Preise und Kontakt

€ 82
for 3 concerts in price category I

€ 44
for 3 concerts in price category IV

If you are looking for a fellow concertgoer or would like to volunteer as a Concert Pal, please contact

Sara Wiesemann (the project leader)
+49 (221) 2597 1958 

Concert dates

An overview of all subscription concerts of the season 22/23 can be found here.

Out-and-About Concerts for Senior Citizens

The Gürzenich Orchestra plays for everyone, including those who can no longer come to its regular concerts. With its chamber ensembles, the orchestra is out and about, playing concerts at senior citizen residences. The programmes are as varied as the different instrumental formations. The musicians play classical pieces chosen among their repertoire favourites and also sing with the residents. All performances also feature a moderator, Christina von Richthofen.



All Cologne senior citizens’ institutions may apply for a concert; please register via the online-form 

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