Kölner Bürgerorchester

Kölner Bürgerorchester

To play in an orchestra once - for many Cologne residents, this wish is fulfilled in the Cologne Civic Orchestra, which François-Xavier Roth has launched in the 2019/20 season. The initiative is a matter of the heart for both him and the musicians of his orchestra. More than 40 of them are working on the works with the participants and supporting them in their preparations for the joint concert in the Kölner Philharmonie. Playing side by side with the professionals is a great motivation and a lot of fun. Because in the rehearsals with François-Xavier Roth you can not only learn a lot - there is also a lot to laugh about! The musical level of the amateur musicians varies greatly. 

Parts that are too difficult are simplified. And the experienced help the less experienced. The philosophy is: there is no competition.

Interview: »On the happiness of playing together«

Ulrike Schäfer (principal cellist of the Gürzenich Orchestra and coach in the Citizens' Orchestra) in conversation with Mareike Bruns (viola) and Gerfried Heldt (flute) about their experiences in the Citizens' Orchestra. (Only in German available)


For the 23/24 season, François-Xavier Roth once again invites you to make music together with him and his orchestra. Anyone who plays an orchestral instrument and is at least 16 years old can participate. 

The concert will take place on the 29th of June 24, rehearsals will start in January 24. 

Until 15th of September 23 registrations are possible here.

Clara Friedrichs
Project Manager
+49 221 221 22437

Mini series

Episode 4/4 | The Great Day | Miniseries about the Cologne Bürgerorchester It's finally here: the big day when the Cologne Bürgerorchester plays the concert on the stage of the Kölner Philharmonie. Not only our participants are visibly touched, but also the audience and François-Xavier Roth are enthusiastic about the music and the project.
Episode 3/4 | François and his heart project | Miniseries about the Kölner Bürgerorchester In the third episode of our mini-series about the Kölner Bürgerorchester, we accompany our principal conductor François. What is it about this project that makes it so special for him? And how does he best prepare our participants for the concert?
Episode 2/4 | Get to know our participants | Miniseries about the Kölner Bürgerorchester In this episode you will get to know three participants of the Cologne Civic Orchestra. Axel, Doro and Johann take you to their homes and give you an insight into their everyday musical lives. How do they prepare for rehearsals, especially those with François-Xavier Roth?
Episode 1/4 | We start into the new project | Miniseries about the Kölner Bürgerorchester In the first episode of our Bürgerorchester mini-series, our project manager Clara Friedrichs and conductor Mariano Chiacchiarini tell you all about the »Bürgerorchester« project. In addition, we introduce you to four protagonists from the Bürgerorchester, whom we accompanied during the rehearsal period.
documentary 2021 From the first rehearsals to the performance at the Philharmonie
Béla Bartók and Pietro Mascagni »Romanian Folk Dances« by Béla Bartók and »Intermezzo sinfonico« by Pietro Mascagni from the opera »Cavalleria rusticana«.
Carl Nielsen Carl Nielsen's »Intermezzo« from »Little Suite for String Orchestra« and the »Pizzicato Polka« by Johann Strauss.
Jean Sibelius »Finlandia« by Jean Sibelius (Arranged by Tim Laughlin)
Gustav Holst From the Suite No. 1 in E flat major op. 28/1 for Wind orchestra by Gustav Holst »Chaconne« and »March«
Kees Vlak »Ipanema Playa« and »Copacabana Playa« by Kees Vlak from Las Playas de Rio
Encore Harry Ogg conducts »Copacabana Playa« by Kees Vlak aus Las Playas de Rio

Der Bürgerorchester-Podcast

Der Bürgerorchester-Podcast ist ein Projekt von Carla Kleiber, FSJ-lerin der Abteilung »Ohrenauf!« beim Gürzenich-Orchester Köln. 

»Das Kölner Bürgerorchester war das erste Projekt, das ich beim Gürzenich-Orchester hautnah miterleben durfte. Dabei ist es mir total ans Herz gewachsen.«

Aus diesem Grund hat Carla sich entschieden ihr FSJ-Projekt mit dem Kölner Bürgerorchester zu verbinden und die Proben und das Konzert mit diesem Podcast medial zu begleiten.

Mit verschiedenen Beteiligten, die dieses Projekt ausmachen und zu etwas Besonderem werden lassen, spricht sie in insgesamt fünf Folgen - sowohl mit der Projektleitung Clara Friedrichs, Musikerinnen und Musikern des Gürzenich-Orchesters, Teilnehmenden des Kölner Bürgerorchesters als auch mit Gürzenich-Kapellmeister François-Xavier Roth und seinem musikalischen Assistenten Mariano Chiacchiarini.

Lassen Sie sich von der Freude, die dieses Projekt begleitet, mitnehmen!


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