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Jan. 24, 2021
11 a.m.
Das Konzert entfällt - aber wir bereiten eine Videoaufzeichnung vor!

Veranstaltung in meinem
Kalender hinzufügen:

Olga Neuwirth

Spraying Sounds of Hope (2020) Dished up for Brass Ensemble and Percussion. Uraufführung*

Johannes Brahms

Piano concerto No. 1 in D-minor (1854-57)

Márton Illés

TÉR-SZÍN-TÉR (2020) für Orchester. Uraufführung*

  • Kirill Gerstein Piano
  • Gürzenich-Orchester Köln
  • SWR Experimentalstudio Live-Elektronische Realisation
  • Thomas Hummel Klangregie

The ink on the manuscript of his fourth symphony had barely dried when Johannes Brahms came to Cologne to conduct a concert »for the benefit of the Cologne Theatre Orchestra boarding house« in February of 1886. In addition to his brand-new symphony, Brahms presented some of his most famous works to the people of Cologne: The »Song of Destiny«, devoted to a poem by Hölderlin, as well as his first piano concerto (here, he did not miss the opportunity of playing the piano part himself). Fast-forward to the present when the celebrated piano virtuoso Kirill Gerstein approaches this colossal piece of concerto literature together with François-Xavier Roth in a streamed concert, once again setting it into the context of brand-new music: For his latest orchestral piece »Tér-szín-tér«, the composer Marton Illès abides by the current distancing rules in positioning the players of the Gürzenich Orchestra throughout the entire hall of the Cologne Philharmonic. His work »Raumszene« creates an intense vibrancy that fills the space: The sound of the orchestra is undercut by two microtonally tuned electric pianos, lending the hall a new perspective -- one that we want to bring close to you through the eye of our camera. Also here to ring in the New Year is an oeuvre from our series »Fanfares for a new Beginning«: Olga Neuwirth seeks to spread »Sounds of Hope« in her work »Coronation V« for winds and percussion.

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