»Ohrenauf! Ears wide open!« Not only the name of the music education programme of the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne has been an invitation to experience classical music anew for more than twenty years. It helps arouse the enthusiasm of children, teenagers and senior citizens for new listening experiences within the cosmos of classical music.

With great commitment, chief conductor François-Xavier Roth and his musicians demonstrate that it is possible to reach those people who have not yet come into contact with classical music. In order to do so, the musicians leave their accustomed territory and visit kindergartens, schools and senior residences throughout the city. Singing together, little choreographies and body percussion are regular fixtures of the great palette of possibilities.


For all enquiries please contact the Ohrenauf!-Team. 

Head of Educational Department

Clara Friedrichs
Tel.: (0221) 221 22437

Svenja Hein 
Tel.: (0221) 221 28579

Student Assistant

Soudabeh Samiei
Phone (+49 221) 221 28581


Marie-Ann Tran
Phone: (+49 221) 221 28979

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