Charity Concert

Dec. 3, 2017
Kölner Philharmonie

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John Adams

»The chairman dances« Foxtrot for orchestra (1985)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Concerto for piano and orchestra in D minor KV 466 (1785)

Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky

Symphony No. 1 in G minor »Winter Daydreams« (1866)

Tchaikovsky’s »Winter Daydreams« will end this year’s charity concert on the first Advent Sunday. As in previous years, the concert is dedicated to children in need, jointly with partners »Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger« and »Lufthansa HelpAlliance«. That »Winter Daydreams« don’t just trace the slopes for wintry romance, but also head down cross-country ski trails for profound thoughts, is known nowhere better than in Russia. Peter Tchaikovsky portrays a »rough country in the fog« – and ultimately does steer his symphonic sled towards warming fireplaces. The concert will be conducted by the American shooting star Karina Canellakis, who will be debuting in Cologne with this concert. As a calling card from her home country, she’ll be bringing a foxtrot by John Adams; its tantalizing rhythm is so exciting and seductive that it makes even the »great chairman« want to dance. The energetic pianist Lars Vogt will confer the concert a dramatic highlight with Mozart’s probably most famous piano concerto KV 466.


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