city life

Feb. 26, 2016
10 p.m.
Wassermannhalle, Girlitzweg 30, 50829 Köln

Veranstaltung in meinem
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Pierre Charvet

»And Death« for Viola und Electronic

John Adams

Chamber Symphony, 3. movement »Roadrunner«

György Ligeti

Chamber Concerto (for 13 Instruments), 1. movement

Edgar Varèse


Steve Reich

»City Life«

  • Gregor Schwellenbach Laptop, keyboard instruments
  • Marcus Schmickler Computer
  • Wolfgang Voigt Laptop, Synthesizer
  • Florian Peelman Viola
  • Gürzenich-Orchester Köln
  • François-Xavier Roth Conductor

Electronic music, as it is has been played since the late 1980s in clubs and meanwhile also in concert halls around the world by DJs and live musicians, has long since firmly established itself as an independent genre, and has changed our listening habits. Its spectrum ranges from digital dance music like techno and house to listening music like ambient and electronica to experimental art music that is performed in museums, as sound or acoustic space installation. But electronic music also means the avant-garde, minimal music, musique concrète, in brief: the musical legacy of Stockhausen, Reich, Boulez. The concert evening “City Life”, to which the Gürzenich Orchestra is inviting in cooperation with the Cologne label KOMPAKT, approaches electronic music from two sides. While the chamber orchestra dedicates itself to American minimalists Steve Reich and John Adams, the digital electronic musicians will grapple with the topic in their own way. In the process, avant-gardists such as György Ligeti and Edgar Varèse will encounter computer musicians like Wolfgang Voigt and Marcus Schmickler. A confrontation between two parallel musical worlds that brings to light both striking overlaps and differences promises to be an entertaining concert evening at an unusual location.


Both dates are sold out.

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