Symphonic Concert - presale 07.06.23


Oct. 15, 2023
11 a.m.
Cologne Philharmonie

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Joseph Haydn

Symphony No. 95 in C minor Hob. I:95 (1791)

Benjamin Britten

Nocturne for tenor and chamber orchestara op.60 (1958)

Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony No. 6 in F major op. 68 »Pastoral Symphony« (1807–08)

Heliotropism describes the phenomenon that plants always turn towards the light. Many a compositional growth also tends to seek a path out of darkness. However, for composers, it’s often worth starting out in the darkest of shades.

Joseph Haydn – who claimed a sunny disposition for himself – couldn’t stand basking in dark twilight for long. Not everything labelled C-minor contains only cold darkness. In the finale, at the latest, Haydn lets the warm sunshine in again.

Under the hashtag #Nocturne, people have been writing night-inspired pieces in rather dark colours for centuries. Benjamin Britten set seven nocturnal texts by seven authors to music, but despite much darkness, the last word here too is »sunrise«.

Sun-swept also describes most of the musical landscapes Beethoven conjures in his Symphony No. 6. Yet even here, the sky suddenly darkens when the composer evokes dark storm clouds and the low growling of thunder. There is no light without shadow – that is the nature of things.

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