»in situ«

April 30, 2017
1 p.m.
Sartory-Säle Köln

Veranstaltung in meinem
Kalender hinzufügen:

Philippe Manoury

»In situ« for ensemble, string orchestra and eight orchestra groups in the room (2013)

Georges Aperghis

»Pubs-Reklamen« for voice


Listeners are at the centre. Not only for Francois-Xavier Roth and the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne, but specifically for Philippe Manoury, with whom the orchestra will work closely together in this and coming years. In his spatial composition ‘In situ’, the audience finds itself in the middle of the orchestra’s sound, which Manoury unfolds around the listeners as a ‘multiversum’. It will be a listening adventure where you can experience the sound of a symphony orchestra completely differently: opening new listening rooms with ‘sound rain’, ‘sound pillars’ and ‘fulminant eruptions’. To get to know these listening rooms from different listening perspectives, the Gürzenich Orchestra will be moving into the Sartory-Saal at the Friesenplatz for this concert and will play the work two times. In between, the vocal artist Donatienne Michel-Dansac will invite the audience on a stroll through the big city: Georges Aperghis, a composer based in Paris, works neon advertising signs and newspaper headlines into humorous and absurd miniatures that transform the rhythm of the big city’s language into music.

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