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Programmes for classes 5-13

Music fascinates, it awakens feelings and is listened to with pleasure. But it can do much more: as an important part of school education, music can strengthen concentration, social responsibility, self-confidence and group spirit. What would lessons be without the live experience of music? The school concerts awaken the enthusiasm and passion with which the Gürzenich Orchestra also performs every concert. For a comprehensive pre- and post-concert preparation, teaching materials, workshops for teachers as well as school visits and meet & greets are offered. The »443 Hertz« programme and the rehearsal visits offer the opportunity to get to know the musicians at close quarters, to become musically active in an exchange with them and to feel the power of music directly.

Am schönsten fand ich in der Philharmonie, dass ich ganz viele Instrumente gesehen habe und dass ich direkt neben einer Pauke saß - ich habe sie gespürt, sie war echt stark!

Lena, 13 Jahre

School Concert

Drum roll

Music from plastic bottles or old metal parts? Sounds and rhythms can be found in any everyday object. But how do you find them and which instruments are actually part of percussion? 

Percussionist Vivi Vassileva presents the different facets of her instrument in school concerts for grades 7-9 and, together with conductor Ustina Dubitsky and the Gürzenich Orchestra, initiates a drum roll for a sustainable world.

Additional programmes

to the school concert
  • Musicians in the Classroom

      Personal contact and proximity to the young audience is particularly important to the musicians of the Gürzenich Orchestra. In preparation for each school concert, they visit school classes, present their instruments and work out the music of the concert together with the classes. The pupils can ask all their questions about the concert and the musicians' everyday life and perhaps even try out the instruments themselves.


      for the school concert »Drum roll« for grades 7-10
      Mon 26.2.24
      Tue 27.2.24
      Wed 28.2.24

      Time by arrangement


      Participation is free of charge, the requirement for participation is the purchase of tickets to the school concert »Drum roll«. 

      Registrations are open until the 15th of September 23.

  • Meet & Greet

      An orchestra concert is an impressive experience. But what if you still have a burning question or want to experience an instrument up close and personal? School classes attending a school concert can meet the orchestra musicians right after the concert, asking all the questions they can think of and commenting on anything they have noticed during the concert.


      to the school concert »Drum Roll« for classes 7-10
      Fri 08.03.24 
      12:30 (following the second school concert)

      Foyer of the Kölner Philharmonie



      Participation is free of charge, the requirement for participation is the purchase of tickets to the school concert »Drum Roll«. 

      Registrations are open until the 15th of September 23.

  • Workshops for Teachers

      Six weeks before the school concerts, preparatory materials (in German) for the concert are available here for downloading. In addition, the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne offers teachers a brief workshop introducing and explaining the materials in practical terms. The content of the lessons can be tried out, and there is an opportunity to adapt the materials to the needs of your own class.


      for the school concert »Drum Roll« for grades 7-10

      Fri 26.01.24
      4 - 6 pm

      Cologne Philharmonie


      Attendence is free of charge.

      You can register here.  

Close Up


Before the regular audience enters the concert hall, school classes have the unique opportunity to be all alone with the Gürzenich Orchestra in the grand auditorium of Cologne’s Philharmonie. The students get an interactive introduction, a glimpse of backstage life, and meet the orchestra musicians before they experience half an hour of the orchestra’s rehearsal up close.


Wed 07.09.22
Wed 02.11.22
Wed 23.11.22
Wed 08.02.23
Wed 01.03.22
Wed 22.03.23
Wed 03.05.23
Wed 17.05.23

9-11 a.m. or 10:30-12:30


This offer is aimed at pupils in grades 5-13. Participation in this offer is free of charge. 

The registration period for this offer in the season 22/23 is over since 01.10.22. Registration for this season is no longer possible.

Information concerning the next season will be available shortly.

»443 Hertz«

Participatory Concert

Designing your own concert programme, standing on stage yourself and making music or moderating? As part of the series »443 Hertz«, students can do all that – in direct collaboration with the professionals of the Gürzenich Orchestra. The centrepiece of this project is the practical exploration of music. Accompanied by an educator, chamber ensembles of the Gürzenich Orchestra work with one class in weekly workshops to prepare a concert for the entire school. Including various art forms, the students get to know selected works, developing their very personal approach to music. This leads to an individual concert programme which is performed together with the musicians. Workshops and the concert take place at the school.

A Stroll Through Sound

If you prick up your ears and listen carefully, there are lots of fascinating and varied sounds hiding everywhere in everyday life. The pupils are invited to listen consciously during the workshops and to perceive their surroundings with open ears. In addition, the string quartet will bring along selected works in which the composers have also processed sounds from nature and the environment. The pupils actively engage with the music in the workshops and develop their own sound improvisation.


This offer is aimed at pupils in grades 5-13. Participation is free of charge and will then be raffled among the registrations. 

Registrations are open unti the 15th of September 23. 

In schools in Cologne 

Symphony Concerts

for Upper School Students


to the Symphony concert

Experiencing an orchestra in concert and listening to the music is impressive. But who are the artists on stage and what do they do when they are not playing a concert? Upper school students have the opportunity to ask these and other questions before attending a concert. Orchestral musicians, soloists, conductors and composers visit the school and talk directly to the young audience about everything they want to know about the orchestra and the concert.


Zum Abokonzert Nordwind mit Tarmo Peltokoski 
Mo 05.02.24 Uhrzeit nach Absprache 


Zum Abokonzert Liebe Liebe mit François-Xavier Roth
Di 14.05.24 Uhrzeit nach Absprache 


Participation in this offer is free of charge and will then be raffled among the registrations. The prerequisite for participation is the purchase of tickets for the respective concert. 

Registrations are open until the 15th of September 23.

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