We are back!

On May 30 the Guerzenich Orchestra played its first concert at Cologne Philharmonie after the long weeks of the Lockdown. It felt like a laboratory experiment – not more than one hundred visitors were allowed at these two concerts under the baton of François-Xavier Roth. Tickets had been drawn under subscribers of the orchestra.

Though we are still far from welcoming you all – it was a first step back to normal concert evenings!

We’ve now scheduled some more concerts in June, with special invitation for all subscribers. Tickets will be drawn after prior registration. Tickets will be not available by normal sale.

Without the shared experience of music, we as musicians are incomplete. We need our audience!

François-Xavier Roth

Concerts in June

Cologne Philharmonie

Concerts in May

Cologne Philharmonie

A long way back to regular concert evenings, but it feels great! Photographer Holger Talinski joined the orchestra on its way back to the stage.

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