Info audition

As far as the scheduling of the Gürzenich Orchestra allows, auditions for vacant positions can be held according to a new procedure since January 2017.

These auditions take place on two different days and consist of an A and a B round. The dates are already mentioned in the announcement.

As usual, the A-round of the auditions consists of several sections and is compulsory for all invited applicants. Without participation in the A-round, an invitation to the B-round is not possible.

In this A-round, solo concertos with piano accompaniment as well as orchestral parts are played according to the specifications of the section. On the part of the orchestra, the respective section and a jury of orchestra members take part in this A-round.

Applicants who successfully complete the A-round are invited to the B-round of the audition.

The B-round proceeds as follows:

Applicants for tutti positions play a solo concerto with piano accompaniment and orchestral parts in front of the full orchestra in accordance with the announcement.

For all non-tutti positions, the applicants will perform a solo concert with piano accompaniment once again according to the announcement. In a further round, the required orchestral positions are played together with the orchestra in the respective position to be filled. This part of the audition is conducted by the GMD or a deputy.

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