GO Bruckner

Podcast über den Bruckner-Zyklus

Episode 3 - Heaven help
What was really sacred to Bruckner?

Online from week 14

Episode 2 – Doubt
How hard did Bruckner struggle with himself?

Anton Bruckner is often portrayed as a doubter - as one who struggled with himself. 
He was never satisfied with his symphonies; he revised most of them several times and later declared many to be bad.
But how does doubt fit with Bruckner's heroic, powerful music? 
In the second episode, we turn our attention to Bruckner's psychology and the question of how much perfectionism is actually healthy.

Episode 1 - Giant Symphonic Serpents
Why does Bruckner take so long? 

Was Bruckner a megalomaniac? Or why did he compose such infinitely long symphonies? 
That's the question posed by Marie König and Jonas Zerweck, the hosts of this new podcast.
Both have fallen asleep to Bruckner's music before. And both are fascinated by the vast sonic spaces they find only in this composer.
How Bruckner suspends time and space, and which symphonies are best suited for video conferencing,
Find out in the first episode of »GO Bruckner«.

Episode 0 – GO Bruckner

Anton Bruckner: one who hides behind big words.
Musical architect and shirt-sleeved country lad, doubter and optimist, sound giant and subtle registrar. 
But who was this contradictory composer? And why does Bruckner's music still fascinate us today?
Marie König and Jonas Zerweck try to find out exactly that. 
In conversation, they approach Anton Bruckner - and invite us to rediscover the composer.
A new podcast about the complete Bruckner recording by the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne.

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