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Music from:

Gustav Mahler
Symphony No. 5 in C-sharp minor (1901-02)
Simon de Klein: trumpet

Johannes Brahms
Double Concerto in A minor for violin, violoncello and orchestra op. 102 (1887)
Bonian Tian: violoncello
Torsten Janicke: violin

Richard Strauss
»Till Eulenspiegel einmal anders« op. 28 for violin, clarinet, horn, bassoon and double bass, arrangement by Franz Hasenöhrl (1954)
Natalie Chee: violin
Blaž Šparovec: clarinet
Thomas Jedamzik: bassoon
Johannes Schuster: horn
Johannes Seidl: double bass

David Neuhoff: direction
Diana Rohnfelder and Georg Heimbach: presenter

How did the Gürzenich Orchestra get its name? And what does it have to do with the eponymous »Gürzenich« in Cologne’s historical centre, an imposing building from the 15th century? The new episode of GO Tribute takes us to the home base of Cologne’s Municipal Symphony Orchestra, presenting some of the impressive works given world premieres by the Gürzenich Orchestra, which thereby made music history: Gustav Mahler’s Fifth Symphony, the Double Concerto for Violin and Cello by Johannes Brahms and »Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche« by Richard Strauss. Our featured hosts for this new episode of GO Tribute are Diana Rohnfelder and Georg Heimbach.


Four Miniatures for Two Violins and Viola op. 75a
No. 2 in D minor
Anna van der Merve and Jeffrey Kok: Violins
Öykü Canpolat: viola

Bagatelles for two violins, violoncello and harmonium op. 47
No. 5 in E minor 
Anna van der Merve and Jeffrey Kok: Violins
Jee Hye Bae: violoncello
Tom Owen: harmonium

Serenade for ten winds, violoncello and double bass in D minor op. 44
3rd movement 
Tom Owen and Ane Lore Ugarte Eizmendi: oboes
Blaž Šparovec and Bálint Gyimesi: clarinets
Thomas Jedamzik and Ignacio Muñoz Francés: bassoons
Jörn Köster, David Neuhoff and Stefano Cardiello: horns
Jee Hye Bae: violoncello
Jon Mikel Martinez Valgañón: double bass
David Neuhoff: director
Blaž Šparovec: presenter

He has become immortal in the music world, especially with his romantic symphonies: Antonín Leopold Dvořák, born 180 years ago on 8 September 1841 in the Czech Republic. In this second episode of GO Tribute, the musicians of the Gürzenich Orchestra celebrate him with a selection of his chamber music in the unique venues of Cologne's Flora.
Presenter Blaž Šparovec, solo clarinettist of the orchestra, brings the musician and the person Antonín Dvořák closer with a lot of wit and knowledge. Besides composing, Dvořák cultivated a wide range of other interests, such as a passion for technology, nature in general and pigeon breeding in particular.

A homage to Igor Stravinsky

Fanfare for a New Theater (1964)
Simon de Klein and Gábor Jánosi: trumpets

Pastorale, Song Without Words (1907/1933)
Natalie Chee: violin
Tom Owen: oboe
Lena Schuhknecht: english horn
Oliver Schwarz: clarinet
Thomas Jedamzik: bassoon

Song witout words (1918)
Thomas Jedamzik and Diana Rohnfelder: bassoons

Ragtime for 11 Instruments (1918)
Natalie Chee und William Grigg: violins
Vincent Royer: viola
Christian Geldsetzter: double bass
Paolo Ferraris: flute
Tino Plener: clarinet
Simon de Klein: trumpet
Egon Hellrung: horn
Pedro Olite Hernando: trombone
Claudia Chan: piano
Alexander Schubert: percussion

Presenter: Angela Chang

A homage to the man, the musician and the whisky-lover Igor Stravinsky and an unusual voyage of discovery with musicians of the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne. Igor Stravinsky changed the course of 20th-century music in a way unlike any other composer. He left his mark here, in Cologne, where he appeared as guest conductor and pianist with the Gürzenich Orchestra 90 years ago. The first edition of GO Tribute is dedicated to this unusual composer, who not only loved good company and whisky, but also jazz.

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