Helfen Sie Obdachlosen durch den Winter!

Many thanks for the numerous donations

Great things were planned for the pre-Christmas season of 2021, and then everything turned out differently.

In the summer of 2021, there was a great, first meeting of the SKM Cologne with responsible persons of the Gürzenich Orchestra. The idea was quickly born that musicians from the ensemble would be willing, free of charge, to play a benefit concert for the benefit of homeless or homeless people in Cologne. Place and date were fixed and then ... as so often in these times, the pandemic intervened and made a realization impossible.

Without further ado, an appeal for donations was placed in the newsletter of the subscribers. And this really made a difference. Around 1,500 € in donations were collected in this way.

The money came at exactly the right time. Because especially in winter, people who live on the streets for various reasons are in a particularly bad way. They can hardly protect themselves from the cold and wet. With its emergency shelters and warming rooms, the SKM Cologne provides points of contact in the city of Cologne. Here, people are offered safe overnight accommodation, drinks, a hot meal, the opportunity to shower, wash their clothes and see a doctor. These facilities are important places to talk to people and offer further help.

The donations of the Gürzenich Orchestra are mainly used to equip our guests with the most necessary things. This year we are concentrating mainly on the purchase of warm underwear and socks.

As a rule, we can cover the needs of our clothing store with donations in kind. But when it comes to underwear and socks, things get difficult. Good second-hand goods are hard to come by. Therefore, we purchase certain items. In addition, we use the money to purchase KVB tickets to enable trips to official appointments outside of illegality.


SKM Cologne is the provider of more than 70 outpatient and inpatient facilities/services in the fields of child, youth and family assistance as well as health and integration assistance. It provides assistance to people who experience poverty, social disadvantages and exclusion, whose participation in society is hindered or endangered, regardless of their origin, religion and sexual orientation. We are committed to social justice and social and democratic coexistence in the city of Cologne. Comprehensive counseling and support services as well as complex assistance are offered for all areas of life.

If you would like to support us, we are always happy to receive volunteers or urgently needed donations. www.skm-koeln.de


Kontoname: S.K.M. E.V. KOELN
IBAN: DE20 3705 0198 0008 5820 33
Sparkasse Köln 
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