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The concert halls were closed down, but life with music didn't stop. We have used the break to get a deep insight in the orchestra’s heart, where Viola players sing in private, the jazz trumpet plays and Mozart’s piano concertos reveal their magic. We invite you to follow us on our quest!


studioconcert #2 - Prokofjews Hebräische Themen

New York had not been waiting for him when Sergei Prokofiev emigrated from Russia in the turmoil of the revolution in 1918. In America, he met the musicians of the Ensemble Zimro and wrote an extraordinary sextet for them, that gained him entry into the New York scene. Are the Hebrew melodies authentic? Or just well fabricated? The soloists of the Gürzenich Orchestra share their fascination for this music.

Blaž Šparovec - clarinet, Anna Heygster and Anna van der Merwe - violins, Felix Weischedel - viola, Georg Heimbach - cello and Stefan Irmer - piano. Presented by Patrick Hahn.

StudioConcert #1 - The Sextett by Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Erich Wolfgang Korngold's string sextet is a fascinating piece of music, written on an epoch threshold. Viennese idiom, sarcastic humor, romantic indulgence, but also the premonition of a turning point, he condenses in this chamber music with orchestral abundance. Before you experience the piece in full length, Patrick Hahn talks to the performers about Korngold's Opus 10, which the composer wrote when he was 17.
With Anna Heygster and Jana Andraschke - violin, Martina Horejsi-Kiefer and Antje Kaufmann - viola and Katharina Apel-Hülshoff and Daniel Raabe - cello. Moderation: Patrick Hahn.

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Episode 6 - Aaron-Außenhofer Stilz, Soloposaune

Aaron Außenhofer-Stilz is solo trombonist in the Gürzenich Orchestra. Between numerous trombones, he talks about the bursts of energy in Bach's music, a special concert with Mahler's Third and playing Wagner in shorts in Bayreuth.

Episode 5 - Saskia Kwast, Harp

Saskia Kwast play harp in the Guerzenich orchestra. Her harps waiting in the summer house in the garden she talks about arabic music, oriental dances and the energy of baroque music.

Episode 4 - Vincent Royer, Viola

Vincent Royer plays Viola. Just before the lockdown and the start of learning at home for his kids they looted a big sandstone. Learn what he’s doing now these days beside working on his compositions and practicing viola.

Episode 3 - Gerhard Dierig, Viola

Gerhard Dierig obviously not only plays the viola. He sings (not only) under the shower, and he still works on the musical piece he has heard as an unborn child.

Episode 2 - Diana Rohnfelder, Kontrafagott

Diana Rohnfelder play both bassoon and contrabassoon at the orchestra. She’s practicing for her examination concert and invites us to listen to Edith Piaf and Mozart.

Episode 1 - Tom Owen, Solo-Oboe

Tom Owen holds the position of principal oboe at the Guerzenich orchestra. Listen to music for him is like cooking – one thing leads to another. Crafting mouth pieces for his instrument we listen to Kenny Wheeler and Antonio Vivaldi.

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