25 Jahre Ohrenauf!

Ohrenauf! gets its own tramway

The Cologne Transport Authority (KVB) congratulates our music education programme Ohrenauf! with a special gift to mark its 25th anniversary: a specially designed tram that will advertise the diverse musical programme over the next two years.

To celebrate the new tram, an exclusive version of the day-care centre concert »The Magic Harp« was performed with Gürzi, the orchestra dog. »We are delighted to be able to make an attractive contribution to the anniversary with this tram,« said Stefanie Haaks, CEO of KVB, at the presentation of the tram. »The Ohrenauf! project doesn't really need this kind of advertising, as it is firmly rooted in Cologne's cultural life, for all age groups.«

Stefan Englert, Managing Director of the Gürzenich Orchestra, drew a nice parallel: »We invite people to join in and move people's souls with our music. It's very similar to the KVB, which physically moves the people of Cologne. That's why this tram is a wonderful symbol for us of what we achieve with our music: To move people.«

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